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          Hebei hui Chi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. China's building materials industry, one of the top ten brands, located in north China, Hebei province, "The new area," the "North China Pearl", according to the famous Chinese and foreign---baiyangdian, covers an area of more than 60,000 square, more than 100 employees, is a domestic integrated decorative materials one-stop excellent manufacturer. Hebei hui Chi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. by the company, Mr. Zhang Linqi was founded in 1996 in the new district, after years of ingenuity design and concentrated operation, the company by the original window decoration manufacturers, rapidly expanding into the most excellent one-stop green decorative materials (Huilikang building materials, window ornaments, industrial water paint 、、、) Production Enterprises , with its Hui chi water paint factory, strong window decoration factory, such as a number of related decorative excavation, and a large number of professionals to set up professional research and development team, creating a new environmental protection decorative materials research and development, design, production, sales and service as one of the integrated green environmental protection industry chain, a strong innovation team, and constantly inherit classics, Create a bath in the dust of the United States, a complete more than 10 patents, products whether at home or engineering are widely welcomed by domestic and foreign building materials market, a successful move to the international market, with a blue sky, the trend is-the world; carefully developed "Huilikang" brand was "China product quality Inspection and Quarantine center" " China brand Development and cultivation Committee, as one of the top ten brands in China's building materials industry, become the leader of environmental protection integrated decoration.